Nunzia Carbone is the founder and principal designer at Dedodesign.

Rebecca Catching is an editor at www.randian-online (an online Chinese Contemporary art magazine) and director of OV Gallery.

Clifton Evers is a lecturer in Cultural and Media Studies at the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China.

Kyle Greenberg is a Technology Enhanced Education Fellow at NYU Shanghai’s Interactive Media Arts Program. He advises and implements technology for data collection and visualization for Anna Greenspan’s Street Food and Urban Planning class.

Anna Greenspan is a founding member of the Shanghai Studies Society. She teaches urbanism and digital culture at NYU Shanghai.

Amelia Heaten-Renshaw

Daniel Ho is an editor (at randian), translator, and writer.

David Li is a co-founder of Xinchejian (China’s first hackerspace) and is also involved in various projects bringing aquaponics to the city.

Crystal Mo is the food editor of Time Out Shanghai

Lisa Movius is a freelance arts and culture journalist currently contributing primarily to The Art Newspaper.

Francesca Tarrocco is a founding member of the Shanghai Studies Society. She teaches Chinese religion and visual culture at NYU Shanghai.

Francesca Valsecchi is a researcher in communication design, social innovation, and transculturality.  Also known as massive cook (or the cook for the mass). Treat her spicy and sour.

celebrating shanghai streetfood heritage